The WordPress way, is it always your way?

Andrey Savchenko, better known as Rarst, announced that he’s removing all his WordPress plugins from the official repository. He’s been talking about it for a while, but now finally pulled the trigger on this decision. Things like the mandatory support forum for each plugin, without theĀ option to disable it or use an external support system, […]

WordPress plugins should do one thing and do it well

I mentioned the Unix philosophy ‘Do one thing and do it well’ in yesterdays post already, the User Switching plugin was a prime example of a WordPress plugin sticking to it. In the past, I’ve discussed easy to use and expand plugins. Patrick Rauland posted about adding functionality to lean plugins yesterday as well. It […]

Offer bundle style discounts with coupons in WooCommerce

With todays tutorial and discount for the Sensei plugin and related products, we needed a quick way to offer people a discount when they purchased the whole bundle (containing Sensei, a premium theme and the Subscriptions extension for WooCommerce). Of course, we have plugins already available that do this, for example the Product Bundles extension […]

Keep your WordPress plugins easy to use and expand

Today I had the chance to explain to one of our users why a feature was not added to WooCommerce core, but released as a separate extension: I understand that this specific feature is a heavy requirement for your projects, but you have to understand that we come from a very different angle than Magento […]

iDEAL betalingen in jouw webshop met WooCommerce en Mollie

Op het internet zijn veel horrorverhalen te vinden over het implementeren van iDEAL voor een (vaak simpele) webshop. Als je zelf iDEAL wilt implementeren kan een aantal van die verhalen werkelijkheid worden. Maar gelukkig zijn er diensten als Mollie, die al het lastige werk uit handen nemen en het voor jou heel simpel maken. De […]