WordCamp Netherlands 2012 recap

WordCamp Netherlands 2012 was exactly one weekend ago. I have been writing posts on my talks earlier, but this post is a full recap on the entire event. To summarize the entire event in one single line: I had an absolute great time and am already looking forward to the next event!

First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who organized or somehow contributed to this fantastic event. The people capable of hosting an event which attracts close to 200 visitors, two days in a row, deserve an extra compliment (or two). Continue reading WordCamp Netherlands 2012 recap

Slides of my Custom Post Types talk WordCamp NL 2012

This talk was the only one of my three talks that was planned in the Beginners track. So, I expected a different audience, different questions and therefore prepared a talk showing the basic usage of Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Meta Boxes. This approach proved to be a great idea, I think everyone walked out having learned something new.

With Custom Post Types being such a powerful technique, I planned a talk that consisted mostly of a demonstration. Real examples work better in such a talk than pure words. Continue reading Slides of my Custom Post Types talk WordCamp NL 2012

Slides of my Version Control talk WordCamp NL 2012

As all of my talks, this talk was in Dutch too. The audience was split into people who didn’t use version control at all, people with some experience and people that were using it on a daily basis. My talk was a bit boring for the last group, but they blended in and joined the discussion that was forming during my talk.

I think I was able to reach the goal of the talk; introducing people to version control, quickly showing them how things work and how different SVN and Git really are. Continue reading Slides of my Version Control talk WordCamp NL 2012

Slides of my Core Contributions talk WordCamp NL 2012

My first talk was about core contributing. Sorry for all the non-Dutch people that showed up and ended in a very hard to understand talk, but I was really trying to reach all the potential WordPress developers in The Netherlands. For version 3.3, only three Dutch developers made the ‘Core Contributors’ list and that number is way to little if you ask me.

In this talk, I raced through my slides just to get into Trac and show people what was happening there. That is also the moment when people started to see how active the community really is and how things roll on Trac. Continue reading Slides of my Core Contributions talk WordCamp NL 2012

Speaking at WordCamp Netherlands 2012

It got rescheduled from last year October, so basically we skipped the 2011 edition. But, next weekend, it is time for a two day WordCamp Netherlands 2012! The event is back in Utrecht, in co-working space Seats2Meet, the same venue as it was hosted in 2010.

At WordCamp Netherlands 2010 was the first time I got to speak at a WordCamp and I’m really looking forward to this years edition. Continue reading Speaking at WordCamp Netherlands 2012

Speaking at WordCamp Netherlands 2010

Last weekend was the first WordCamp I was speaking at. WordCamp Netherlands was a huge success with many great, international speakers. I had the pleasure to meet Adii Pienaar, Andrew Nacin, John O’Nolan, Fredrick Townes, Isaac KeyetMarco Galasso and many more.

From the moment Fredrick Townes opened with a great keynote, until host Erno Hannink closed the day, it was an adventure that I will not forget. Continue reading Speaking at WordCamp Netherlands 2010