Finally learning JavaScript, properly

If you’ve talked to me about JavaScript in the past couple years, you’ve probably seen me shy away in a corner. I know my way around. I know how to get things done. Is it pretty? Nope. Do I code pretty JavaScript that I’m proud of? Most definitely not.

I’ve always wanted to invest more time in learning to JavaScript properly, but the whole ecosystem is changing so quickly. Even when I’m talking to my friends who work with JavaScript on a more regular basis, they seem to change opinions every other week. So where do I start?

Well, I decided to start following JavaScript 30 by Wes Bos. There is probably not one perfect way to learn JavaScript, so better just pick someone with a lot more experience in the field and who is good at explaining how and why things work.

Wes recommends to chat to someone about the course on a regular basis, to keep you motivated and to give you a slap as soon as you start slacking. So, I’ve decided to log my progress in a public repository on GitHub, so you all can follow along (and improve it as we go, perhaps). Here we go!