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Hey there! My name is Coen Jacobs and I’m available for hire. I like to work on product development, have a passion for releasing high quality and well tested code. Would you like to work with me, or have a project available that I’d be a perfect match for? Please get in touch with me!

I’m in my happy place when I can work on exciting projects, as a backend developer. My preferred programming language is PHP and I am experienced with most of the larger frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony.

Work experience

For over a decade, I have been involved in some of the largest WordPress projects. Here are some of the most notable projects I have been working on recently:


At Mindsize, I’ve worked on innovative products centered around the WooCommerce ecosystem. I have also been one of the lead developers of WooCommerce stores that have a multi-million dollar revenue stream and require a lot of custom plugins and incredible hosting infrastructure. With a team of developers, I was tasked with reviewing all code being shipped to production, build new features and constantly improving the site performance and customer experience.

Coen was a huge part of growing Mindsize into the company it’s become. We know that whatever company he lands at will benefit from his expertise and attention to detail. Hire him before someone else does!

Zach StepekCEO of Mindsize


When I joined WooCommerce’s core development team, I was the first addition to the team after the initial WooCommerce release. In addition to maintaining the free plugin and building new features, developing our own premium extensions, I was also tasked with reviewing and testing of premium extensions. There are a lot of the most popular extensions on the marketplace, that were initially built or reviewed by me or my team, years ago.

I worked with Coen at WooThemes; he was one of the first WooCommerce hires in the development team. Coen helped shape the direction of platform, spearheading efforts to improve design patterns, development best practices, and applying his skills and experience when possible.

Coen was a motivated, likeable, passionate team member who wasn’t afraid to push for things he believed in. If you’re in need of a developer who knows WordPress and WooCommerce inside and out, Coen would be a solid choice.

Mike Jolley, original developer of the WooCommerce plugin

Tools of the trade

I’m most experienced with WordPress and eCommerce development. In recent years, I’ve been building products and services on top of WordPress with PHP frameworks, like Laravel and Symfony.

Automated testing and code quality

What I have learned while working on some rather large PHP applications, is the importance of automated testing. Not only does it give you more confidence when shipping new code, it also helps you verify that changes you’ve made don’t accidentally break other parts of the codebase (regression testing).

Code quality goes hand in hand with automated testing. If you write code that is easy to read, well structured and follows the standards set for that project, it is a lot easier to pick that code back up a couple months or even years later. Handing over the codebase to someone else, or onboarding new team members takes a lot less time if you have code quality requirements and actually enforce these.

Having worked on larger projects, with a lot of team members has learned me the importance of both automated testing and code quality. They are invaluable to me now and are part of what I bring to the projects I work on, like second nature.

Get in touch!

Would you like to work with me, or have a project available that I’d be a perfect match for? Please get in touch with me!