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If you’re looking for a web developer, with a proven track record and years long experience in various projects, you’ve come to the right place. Contact me to discuss your needs.

In the past couple years, I’ve been part of amazing teams and projects. You may have seen my name recently around the Listings project. If you’ve ever used WooCommerce, chances are that you’ve used code that I’ve written, as I was part of the lead development team of WooCommerce (now part of Automattic) for two years.

Code quality, standards and optimisation are really important to me. I’m a proponent of always using automated tests to verify your code works as intended. I also run the WP Update PHP project, where I’m a strong advocate of raising the required PHP version in WordPress projects.

Projects that excite me

What I really enjoy, is diving in larger, challenging projects. I prefer working on product development, where I have large amounts of experience in from my time working on Listings and WooCommerce. Both projects put me in the position to directly influence the project, working with lots of third party contributions and managing expectations.

Before working on products almost exclusively, I’ve done a lot of client work as well. The majority of my experience in the web development field is from years of doing client work as a freelance agent or part of an internet agency.

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So, you think you and I could be a match? Do you have a project that we can work on together? Please do let me know and maybe we can work things out!