Breaking up with my lack of perseverance

It’s time to get my Lapisense project off the shelf. It has been sitting idle for far too long. The layer of dust on top of the box has become so thick, it needed a good cleaning before I could start working on it. This was a hard process, which required a lot of soul searching, trying to determine what I really wanted to do.

In the end, the reason why the project never came alive, all came down to a lack of perseverance. I had so many ideas, but never properly sat down to spend enough time coding up enough features to release it. Having so many ideas lead me into a never ending loop between wondering what would be the best approach, ultimately leading to nothing actually happening. Over on the Lapisense blog, I have written about this whole process in more detail.

For me to get moving, I needed a fresh approach. I took the box labeled ‘Lapisense’ off the shelf and gave it a proper dusting. While determining what the best way to move forward was going to be, I had an epiphany that my ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. What this project needed, was a phased approach. Getting something out in the world now is more important than covering every single use case on the first try.

I really needed to learn this lesson the hard way, ending up with a broken project for far too long. Onwards and upwards! 🚀

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