Mozart now rewrites a full dependency tree to your own namespace

It’s been a while since I’ve written about what I personally find the single most annoying thing in WordPress, the issues around dependency management. When I started thinking about the project that eventually turned into the Mozart package, I knew that it eventually had to support processing of a full dependency tree. Today is the day that I can proudly announce that Mozart is able to do that!

Version 0.3.0 is now available and introduces full dependency tree processing as the number one new feature. Mozart now automatically detects the full dependency tree of the packages you specify and processes the entire dependency tree.

Even though I know that a couple plugins already use Mozart in production code (mind you, Mozart doesn’t run in production, it’s a development tool), I’d still like some more testing feedback before I tag the first production ready version. So if you have a plugin that requires an external package as a dependency, that you’d like to be rewritten to your own namespace in order to prevent version conflicts, give it a go!

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