A new adventure awaits

Exciting news! I have joined Mindsize as Director of Products. The past two weeks have been filled with getting to know the team and the projects that are currently in the works. I’m being tasked with pushing our line of products to the next level.

Our leadership team consists of three fine, bearded gentlemen, who all have a passion for creating amazing web projects. Patrick, Zach and Scott have made me feel welcome from the very first minute we started talking. I’ve known Patrick from our time at WooThemes and have stayed in touch ever since. As soon as we started talking about me working for Mindsize, it didn’t take long until the deal was sealed.

The best fit for me

I consider myself lucky to have joined the Mindsize team. It’s not often that you run into people who are equally passionate about the things you love doing and also get the chance to work with them. The team has been working on amazing projects in the eCommerce space already and we have so much more exciting things in the pipeline.

Also, I get the chance to work with a lot of the amazing people in the WordPress eCommerce space, that I’ve enjoyed working with during my time at WooThemes. It feels as if the circle is complete and I’m back where I belong.

In my day to day work at Mindsize, I’m not exclusively working on WordPress projects. We have a broader vision for eCommerce within the WordPress space. Without spoiling much about our upcoming projects already, there will also be a bunch of non-WordPress projects coming very soon.

Work with me? Hello Mindsize!

This also means that my freelance days are over. Mindsize has plenty of projects lined up for me, to never ever be bored again.

So, if you still had a project lined up that you wanted to contact me about, I’m sorry. I can’t work for you as a freelancer anymore. At Mindsize, we’re always looking for new and exciting projects, so feel free to contact us and let us know about your project – perhaps we can still work together!

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