Learning what is most important in life

When times are tough, you learn what is important in life. The past couple months have been a bit of a disaster for me on a personal level. I’m not going to explain details on any of it in this post, as most of it is in the past now, where it belongs.

The British have a saying that goes “When it rains, it pours“. Let’s just say we’ve had a bit of rain in the first half of this year.

Our baby girl was born

The year started with a great year ahead of us. Our baby girl was due to be born in early May. This was absolutely an exciting time, but due to some health issues it all quickly turned into a troublesome pregnancy. It wasn’t all bad, but it was definitely not the dream pregnancy most people hope for.

On May 4th, Jade was born and she’s a very healthy and happy baby girl right now. Everything they say about witnessing your child being born, were true again. I fell in love and still do, every moment I spend with her.

The birth of our daughter was the best thing that happened to us. It cleared our minds for a little bit, without having to worry about all the drama going on in the world around us.

The people around us

During these stressful months, I’ve learned to appreciate my girlfriend, close friends and family a lot more. Sometimes you take them for granted, but they will always be there to pick you up, when you are down.

We have a fantastic group of friends and family around us, which we are very lucky to have, who were always there to help us out. I owe them more than I can explain in this blog post and I hope they know how much I appreciate everything they did to help us out (I do my best to keep reminding them 😉 ).

Love conquers all

It’s been a bumpy road, but Lesley is still by my side. Sometimes, I don’t know how she’s holding up with me, but I’m very happy she does. If anything, these past couple months have brought us closer together and I’m sure we can make it through all this.

Love conquers all. It really does. I don’t know what I would be doing right now, where I would be or what my life would look like, if Lesley wasn’t here to support me.

A big life lesson

Spend more time with loved ones, friends and family. They might need your help one day and you’ll want to be there for them. You might need their help and they will be there for you as well. Family and friends will always come first for me, after being on the receiving end of so much love and help.

If you haven’t heard from me in a while and wonder what’s going on, do send me a message if you like. I’ve been very quiet on social media on purpose, to be able to focus on sorting everything out. Things are getting better now, so I’d love to chat – I might even write some more blog posts here… 😉

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