Why I don’t do full time WordPress work anymore

Earlier this year, I made the decision to stop doing full time WordPress work. In my new day job, I still work with WordPress though. The big difference is that I now have a bigger toolbox to select the best tool for the job at hand from.

Working on just WordPress projects for a couple of years was great. In fact, I would do it again right away if I had to. For me it was great though, to step out of the WordPress bubble and start using different frameworks and technologies that are better suitable for the project.

It opens your eyes

While I was doing full time WordPress work, I was also experimenting and doing little code exercices with frameworks like Laravel. So I knew my way around those platforms already, I just wasn’t able to use them at my day job.

Changing jobs, diving head first into actually being able to use all those new tools was (and still is!) a fun ride.