Vlogging as a developer

For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of ways to do more with video. At the top of my todo list is something called “the vlog experiment”.

I asked on Twitter why I didn’t know of any developers who post vlogs. I got a lot of responses, but nobody was able to name someone. Finally, Jeffrey Way’s response gave me the push I needed. The fact that there are no developers out there posting vlogs, probably means that there is room for someone to start doing this (or it means that it’s a bad idea, but let’s not assume that’s the case…).

Thankfully, I’m not alone

At first it appeared that nobody was doing anything like my idea, but a little later some familiar faces showed up. Daniel wrote a blog post about it (he’s also going to start something similar) and Matt tweeted that he is going to try some vlogging as well! Good, so I’m not alone in trying this out.

What to vlog about

In my videos, I want to give some insight in my thought process, but also about the why of doing certain things. This doesn’t have to be technical at all, but it can be where needed. Here are some ideas of videos that I’m going to try out in my first couple videos:

  1. WordPress development versus other projects
    I’ve been tweeting a lot about this recently. At my day job I now have a mix of work on WordPress stuff and other frameworks (mainly Laravel though).
  2. How to get started in web development?
    This is a question that I’ve been asked a lot. And when I think of it, it’s really hard to explain it in text, as there are so many ways of doing this and it’s a personal journey for every new developer.
  3. My (weird) coding habits
    Every developer has their own (weird) habits, let’s expose some of mine. 🙂

My list goes on, but I obviously don’t want to spoil all my ideas already.

So why do vlogs exactly?

Some thoughts are just not easy to capture in text. Besides a fun experiment, I think I can deliver content via video in a way that I can’t do with text.

Most importantly, videos allow me to more easily connect with people. Seeing who is talking and their facial expressions make videos a lot more personal, which helps conveying your message in exactly the way you want to. Videos are not going to be perfect, but the imperfections are going to make it even more personal. My videos aren’t going to be as polished as Hollywood productions and I think that’s part of a vlogs charm.

Making videos does take a lot of time though, especially when you are just getting started. This is the main reason why I am absolutely not going to do daily videos, but will publish a video when I have something useful to tell.

Let’s get this party started

Well, at there is left for me to do now, is to start publishing videos. I really hope to get my first video available as soon as possible, but it will take a couple takes before I’m really happy with it. In the end, I’m still a perfectionist and will probably need a little convincing that my videos are good enough to be published.