Slides of my Version Control talk WordCamp NL 2012

As all of my talks, this talk was in Dutch too. The audience was split into people who didn’t use version control at all, people with some experience and people that were using it on a daily basis. My talk was a bit boring for the last group, but they blended in and joined the discussion that was forming during my talk.

I think I was able to reach the goal of the talk; introducing people to version control, quickly showing them how things work and how different SVN and Git really are.

Live script testing

Note to self: Never, ever try some new scripts that you haven’t used before during a talk, unless you want to look silly. I tried running Scribu’s Deploying from git to svn script, but it failed and I didn’t get it to work. This made the talk a little messy. Tonight, I checked the script again, found out what I was doing wrong and I had my own *facepalm* moment…

The slides

[slideshare id=12149533&doc=versiebeheer-120325113945-phpapp01]