Slides of my Core Contributions talk WordCamp NL 2012

My first talk was about core contributing. Sorry for all the non-Dutch people that showed up and ended in a very hard to understand talk, but I was really trying to reach all the potential WordPress developers in The Netherlands. For version 3.3, only three Dutch developers made the ‘Core Contributors’ list and that number is way to little if you ask me.

In this talk, I raced through my slides just to get into Trac and show people what was happening there. That is also the moment when people started to see how active the community really is and how things roll on Trac.

The needs-patch keyword

Report 16 shows all tickets that need a patch: {16} Needs Patch, for the people trying to actually write a patch.

More Dutch Core Contributors

By the end of the talk, I asked how many people were going to dig in and try to get patched actually reach status ‘commit’ for WordPress 3.4. I saw around 10 hands in the air, so if we’re lucky the number of Dutch Core Contributors will be a lot higher for version 3.4. I’ll be following all commits in the next few weeks, to see if anyone makes it. 🙂

The slides

[slideshare id=12146262&doc=core-contributions-120325012509-phpapp02]