Speaking at WordCamp Netherlands 2010

Last weekend was the first WordCamp I was speaking at. WordCamp Netherlands was a huge success with many great, international speakers. I had the pleasure to meet Adii Pienaar, Andrew Nacin, John O’Nolan, Fredrick Townes, Isaac KeyetMarco Galasso and many more.

From the moment Fredrick Townes opened with a great keynote, until host Erno Hannink closed the day, it was an adventure that I will not forget.

Meeting some great people

The most important factor of a WordCamp is that there are quality speakers and presentations present.  But to me there was something even more important. I met some great people. Some of whom I knew already via the internet, but meeting them in real life is always different.

As an example I’d like to mention Andrew, John and Isaac again. They ended up at my table during the speakers dinner and we had great fun already. During the entire event we had lots of chatting and having great fun in general.

I also had some great conversations with Bowe Frankema, Remkus de Vries and Tom Hermans. People I mostly talk to via Twitter or Skype. Meeting them live is a great addition to that.

To me, meeting these people was the most valuable that I experienced at WordCamp this year. They are awesome lads – and skilled speakers too – who love getting in touch with other WordPress people!

My presentation on plugin development

Since my presentation was in Dutch, all of the attendees were Dutch too. Most of them had zero experience with plugin development. And that’s exactly the kind of audience my presentation was aimed at.

[slideshare id=5701499&doc=wordcamp-plugins-101108052626-phpapp01]

Many people told me that they got inspired by my talk, noticed how easy it was to create your own plugin and started developing right away. I’ve already received lots of questions regarding my presentation, many people are testing their luck with my demo WordPress plugin.

My demo WordPress plugin

During my presentation I showed the audience how easy it is to create a simple plugin for WordPress. We all remember a function (capital_P_dangit()) that Matt added to the WordPress core a couple releases back. My demo plugin disabled that function and we created our own function to correct misspellings of the name ‘WordPress’.

Additional resources for starting developers

As I promised during my talk, I will add a couple of resources here that will help starting WordPress (plugin) developers. I tried making a list that covers most starter issues and information for future references:

In case you need or have any more resources that help you on your quest becoming a WordPress (plugin) developer, please drop a line in the comments and help me and each other out!

WordCamp Netherlands 2011?

Before I dive in what’s coming next, I’d like to thank Erno Hannink, Kaj Rietberg and all the volunteers that put this great episode of WordCamp together. They did a very good job, everyone was enthusiastic throughout the event!

But yes, I sure hope to get an invite to next years WordCamp Netherlands. I had so much fun and had the chance to meet such great people, that I would be silly to turn a chance like that down. See you next year!