A separate YouTube channel for my screencasts

After much deliberation, I have decided to start publishing my screencasts in a separate YouTube channel, instead of in the same channel where I’m also publishing my vlogs. The reason is simple: I think these videos are very different in approach and have a different target audience (but there will be some overlap).

While my vlogs will usually be rather personal, the screencasts are more technical and in a tutorial format. I don’t think these different types of video go well in the same channel, so I’ve decided to split them up on YouTube. You can subscribe to one of them, or both if you want to see all my videos. In the near future, I’ll be opening a section for the screencasts, as I did for my vlogs already, so you can also keep track of everything via my website here.

Coen Does Dev channel

So, the Coen Does Dev YouTube channel is here. I’ve started publishing the first couple videos there last night and I’m really looking forward to hear what you think.┬áThis is the YouTube channel where I will publish my coding tutorials and where you can actually see how I approach coding challenges.

WordPress plugin refactoring playlistThe first set of videos can be found in the WordPress plugin refactoring playlist, containing the first four videos at the time I’m writing this. This is an idea that I had the scripts ready for, for quite some time already. The channel is not going to be just about WordPress though, it can be any platform, language or tool that I’m using. I’m very much looking forward to what you think about these first videos, your feedback is very valuable to me in these early stages of this new channel. Feel free to tweet me, or contact me directly if you have anything to say about this.