Our first Google Day

Today we did our first Google Day. For those of you who don’t know the 20% time offer, Google offers her employees 20% of their time to work on side projects. We decided that the side projects we work on are preferably projects that benefit the company in the long run, but can be anything.

At first I wanted to (finally) dive into some other programming language, like Ruby or finally get my hands on some Node.js. None of this all happened though, as we discovered during some discussion that we really needed a project management tool and we never took the time to properly set things up.

Setting up Jira for project management

We did some research on what kind of tools are out there. As we are currently a relatively small company with 6 people, we didn’t really need all the features of Jira yet, but we like how advanced it is. Also, as soon as we start growing, we won’t have to migrate our project management tool.

After playing around in the trial version for a while, we made the decision to start using it. As it turns out, it’s really easy to start working with Jira these days and within an hour we had our first issues imported in the projects.

Taking the time to do things right

It’s hard to set time aside to do things you don’t absolutely have to do, but it’s very rewarding and beneficial in the long run when you finally do.

Because we work with just a handful of people per project, we could always find ways to quickly communicate and discuss the current status of our projects. When some people working remote are in the team, or someone new joins a project, then it becomes clear how badly you need project management.

Todays Google Day really helped us to make an investment in the future. Now that we have started using Jira, we are prepared to take on more advanced projects and structure them properly. Future expansions in the team and keeping an overview of the status of each project is a lot easier.