Moving on

I have some exciting news to share today. This month will be my last month at WooThemes. Starting June, I will be joining Radish Concepts. It’s a new company (note the lack of a proper website 🙂 ), managed by RichardDavid and Arjan, in which I wil be forming the main development team with Gaya and Arno joins as designer. I’m really excited to jump in new challenges, continue to learn and develop my coding skills and work on cool projects.

Over the past months I’ve learned that I wanted to expand my knowledge on other programming languages, frameworks and get a larger toolbox for my web development work. In my spare time, I’ve always been investing in my development skills by coding on various side/test projects, based on different frameworks.

As much as I love WordPress and the growing ecosystem around it, I no longer want to be exclusively developing WordPress products. At my new job, I will be working with various projects, based on Laravel, OpenCart and others, but also WordPress powered projects still. This doesn’t mean I’m saying goodbye to WordPress, but will give me a broader set of tools to work with.

Two great years at WooThemes

For the past two years, I’ve been part of the WooThemes family. I’ve been involved with WooCommerce since it had less than 500.000 downloads. During my time at WooThemes, we’ve celebrated the one, two and three million download marks. We’ve seen WooCommerce grow to become the most used eCommerce software on the web (according to BuiltWith statistics). There have been so many great milestones, I can’t mention them all in this post.

I’ve been on two great WooTrips (Cape Town and Leiden) and have been working with great, talented people. Working for a remote company is different to being in an office with your coworkers every day, but the trips and meetups all over the world make up for that. I want to thank everyone in the team for the past two years, it’s been a really great time.

Special thanks go out to Mark, Magnus and Adii, who have put trust in me two years ago by hiring me. I joined the WooCommerce development team and Mike and James made me feel at home right away. Joined by Andrew and Scott as the first two WooCommerce support technicians, we became close friends and continued to push WooCommerce to the next level.

Unrelated to recent developments

I hope this goes without saying, but I’d like to emphasise that this decision has nothing to do with the recent security issues at WooThemes. My decision to leave WooThemes has been made weeks ago, well before the security issues surfaced. I’ve been working to help WooThemes customers in the past days, trying to take away any concerns and assist wherever we can and will continue to do so during this month. WooThemes will come back from all this stronger than ever.

It’s also good to know that this was an attack on the website and not on the WooCommerce plugin. I’ve read numerous tweets and support emails of concerned users of the plugin, who are worried that this affects their website too. If you are using the plugin on your website, there is no reason to worry. Keep track of the WooThemes blog for further information about the investigation.

A new place to live

This new job also means a new place to live. We’re moving to a new home by the end of this month, which is closer to my new job. Right now, we’re busy painting, putting a new floor in and making lots of IKEA trips. 🙂

We’ve contemplated staying at our current home and me travelling back and forth every day. Doing so would mean that I’d be travelling an hour and half every day (round trip) and the only times I could see our baby boy is when he is asleep. So we made the big decision to move to a new place, only 5 minutes away by bicycle from my new office.

Exciting times ahead

I’m very much looking forward to starting my new job and can’t wait to settle in our new place. A new job and a new house means a lot of changes at the same time, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.