Looking back at a great 2013

It’s the last day of the year, which is a great day to look at I have achieved and what happened this year. In my 2014 resolutions, I gave some parts away already and most events that I’ll mention in this recap already have explaining blog posts published.

Today is also the last day in the month December, which ends the Blogging for Benjamin competition. In the month December, I have published 31 posts (including this one), which leaves me in a 3-way tie with Patrick and Mike. Well done guys, we surely published a ton of great content in this month, keep up the good work!

Without further ado, here are my highlights of 2013.

The birth of our son

No doubt about what the main highlight in this year was. Our little man was born on July 11th and changed our lives completely. He’s been growing and evolving so much in the past six months already. It’s funny to see pictures from the first couple days and compare them to how he looks now. He’s changed so much already, being able to play more every day and now he’s even getting his first teeth already! We love him so much.

WooCommerce in 2013

In early 2013, we released version 2.0 of the WooCommerce plugin. This was the largest changing version in the history of the plugin and provided the foundation for future versions. It took us the remainder of the year to patch all the new changes and slowly but steady work on the 2.1 release.

This new release also massively increased the total number of downloads. In June we hit 1 million downloads and in December we already doubled that!

In 2013 I also had the opportunity to launch the developers portal for WooCommerce. We have invested in our relationship with contributors and extension developers. It’s just the first step in a long term plan, but it shows that people appreciate it already.

WooTrip 2013 in my own country

This years WooTrip took place in Leiden at the same time the first WordCamp Europe was scheduled to happen. We had a great time, meeting everyone in person is such a great opportunity. The WordCamp was awesome as well, it was definitely one of my favourite WordCamps so far.

Eye troubles in the last quarter of the year

In October I published that I was recovering from a corneal ulcer. That story isn’t over yet though, as I’m still struggling. I now have some sort of infection in my eye again. Luckily it’s not affecting my sight (which has returned almost completely already, yay!) at all, but it makes my eye more sensitive to light and wind which sucks big time.

I will say I am recovering again though. I’m looked after by an eye doctor now on a weekly basis, have new eye drops and it looks to be healing smoothly now. Crossed fingers I’m completely healed in early 2014!

Blogging for Benjamin competition

And then there was December, where we did the Blogging for Benjamin competition. The competition ends today and we have published a ton of great content. At first I wanted to link to all my posts here, but that makes no sense at all. So I’m really happy WordPress has a nifty monthly archive and I can just link to all my December 2013 posts.

Thanks again Daniel for setting up this competition, it was really fun to do and I’m sure the content we published is useful to the greater public.

Here’s to a great 2014!

I still don’t fully realise that there are only a couple hours left in 2013 when I publish this post, but it’s actually going to happen. The year 2014 is quickly approaching and I wish you all the best for the new year!

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