Blogging after the Blogging for Benjamin competition is over

The Blogging for Benjamin competition is coming to an end. In just two days time, we celebrate the end of another year. At the same time, our blogging competition is ending too. But our blogs live on, with a bunch of new content and ready for a new year.

It sure was a bit of a struggle to write and publish 31 posts this month. At first I started with a nice backlog of scheduled posts, but work and other things quickly made it impossible to keep that schedule going. I think that most posts I’ve published this month were mostly written on the same day.

The competition put some pressure on us

The whole post per day element of the competition put some pressure on us. At this moment it’s just Mike, Patrick and myself who have completed 29 posts and I’m confident all three of us will hit the full 31 posts.

Some feedback I heard in the first couple days, was that this competition was more about quantity than quality. Even though we all tried to push out the best content possible, the pressure of having to publish every day sure was present.

The goal of the competition was to get everyone involved to publish more often and we sure hit that goal. I think we all published one or two posts now that we might have kept as a draft, or didn’t publish at all if we didn’t have to.

Quality over quantity

I hate to say it, but once it’s January again, I’m afraid to fall back in the old pattern. Less posts and more deleting of drafts I probably don’t want to publish. What I did notice during this competition, is that the actual writing of the posts was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Coming up with an idea to write about proved to be the most difficult part of the whole process.

As soon as I had a (work in progress) title and a couple main thoughts to write about, I quickly made my way well over the required 300 words for each post.

Publish more in the new year!

I do want to continue to publish more active in the new year. If there is one big lesson learned during this competition is that I love to publish. Blogging still is exciting for me and I really had fun this past month.

Thank you Daniel for setting up this competition and making us all excited about blogging. I think we nailed the goal to write informative posts for the WordPress community.

3 replies on “Blogging after the Blogging for Benjamin competition is over”

  1. You’ve done such a great job of writing posts! The quality content you have created has added to the WP community.

    You probably don’t need to publish daily, but a regular posting schedule would be something I and others would love to read!

  2. Coen you’re right there’s a couple of posts that I probably would have rewritten a few times or spent a little more time editing before publishing. But I’m happy that I published content instead of keeping it forever in the draft status (where I already have a bunch).

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