Merry Christmas to all of you

Today was a really tough day to come up with a blogging idea, but at the same time there is plenty to blog about. It’s Christmas today and everybody is spending time with their family and loved ones. All over the world, there are tables filled with food and presents underneath the Christmas tree.

Christmas is one of the few holidays that is celebrated in very similar ways all over the world. It has a couple required ingredients; a Christmas tree, dinner with family and often times there are presents involved. It makes me realise how good our life really is, with having the luxury to celebrate Christmas. I’m sure not everybody in the world has the opportunity to celebrate it in a such an extensive way like we do.

I hope all of you have a great Christmas and have been able to celebrate with your family and loved ones today. Our Christmas dinner has just finished and my mother in law did an amazing job; I’m so stuffed. The remainder of tonight will be filled with playing games and just relaxing. Tomorrow we have another day where the Dutch officially celebrate the second day of Christmas. This is usually just a day to relax some more and enjoy the leftovers of todays Christmas dinner.

First Christmas with our little man

This was the first Christmas since our little boy was born. He got a couple presents too, but still had to sleep the majority of the day. This made the Christmas celebration a lot more special to me though. Having him around makes me realise even more how thankful we should be for everything we have.

This blog post is going to stay short and sweet on purpose, just to explain how grateful I am for everything I’ve been able to do today and to wish you all a lovely Christmas.

Just a few more days before we have the next event to celebrate, the start of the new year. December is always a month filled with celebrations, where we jump from one lovely dinner or evening with our families to the next.

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