December is all about blogging: Blogging for Benjamin competition

I’ve always been very passionate about blogging and online publishing in general. It can be really hard to keep up with a consistent stream of fresh content though, which is the hardest part about blogging for me.

Blogging for Benjamin Competition

In our WooThemes team we have a couple really enthusiastic bloggers. Some are really at it and publish at least a couple posts per week. Most of us struggle with keeping the momentum going though, publish a couple posts in one month and then nothing for the next month or so. My colleague Daniel Espinoza wanted to challenge all of us to publish more often and set up the Blogging for Benjamin competition.

Blogging for Benjamin competition

Whoever publishes the most posts (with a maximum of one per day) in the month December, wins a prize. The rules for the Blogging for Benjamin competition are simple.

Are you the next prolific WordPress writer? Are you the next Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin, Darren Rowse or Brian Krogsgard? Well now is the time to show your stuff! The competition is easy: Write blog posts during the month of December and the top three ninjas with the most blog posts will win!

The only real rule set for this competition is that all posts need to be at least 300 words long. Well, that shouldn’t be much a problem, since 300 words is a very minimal blog post anyway. We are not tied to a subject, although it would be nice if we would actually publish some posts about our field of work.

You can follow all the blog posts in this competition via the #wtbfb hashtag on Twitter, that we will all use to share our new blog posts on.

What will I publish about?

I honestly don’t know yet. When I first heard about the idea, I wanted to start writing right away and make sure that I have a backlog of drafts ready to get published. This didn’t happen though, so I need to start writing during the month. I’ll still try to get a couple blog posts ahead of the actual publishing date, so I don’t have to write every single day. Of course I will try to publish a post on all 31 days this month.

To give an idea of the subjects I will be posting about, here are some examples:

  • WooCommerce development – Especially since we’re right in the middle of beta testing our upcoming 2.1 version.
  • Reflection – It’s the end of the year, so it’s a great time to look back at the past year and see what I’ve achieved.
  • Personal blog posts – I tend to be a bit more on the business side on this blog, so maybe it’s a good thing to share some personal thoughts to during this month.

I have a couple great ideas for the next few days already, so I better get writing. 🙂