Updates on our WooCommerce development blog

Over the past couple months, I’ve been writing a couple plans to put more structure in the development of our WooCommerce plugin. Today, the first steps will become visible to the public. The Develop WooCommerce blog has just been made available for the public.

Keeping track of the WooCommerce core plugin development” is the first post on there that I’ve published yesterday, in which I explain what our plan is with this blog and why we think it’s important. The post explains that we’re keen to improve the development structure and planning, to ensure WooCommerce can remain one of the best choices when it comes to eCommerce on the WordPress platform.

In my post on the main WooThemes blog, I’ve explained some more about why we decided to start a separate blog for WooCommerce core development.

If you happen to work a lot with our WooCommerce plugin, I recommend you start following this new blog. It’s the best way to stay on top of everything happening around the development of the WooCommerce core plugin.