Now sporting James Koster’s Highwind theme

I’m a big fan of clean, very minimal themes for blogs. When Twenty Thirteen was somewhat stable, I switched right away and really enjoyed the blog focussed design.

But when my colleague James Koster released the Highwind theme, I had a hard time defending my choice for Twenty Thirteen. Some discussion in our IRC channels today about it made it clear to me that I had to switch. The only thing bothering me was the big header. It looks great, but it’s just not the right fit for me. So with just a couple lines of CSS, here’s my new blog theme. If you like a clean theme, Highwind might be just the right fit for you.

5 replies on “Now sporting James Koster’s Highwind theme”

  1. I love the smaller header on your blog. I just switched to Highwind theme. Can you tell me what is the code you used to reduce the header and move your gravatar to the side like that?

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