WooCommerce grows by the minute

After joining WooThemes in April this year, I have been in an amazing rollercoaster of events, being part of a great team of dedicated developers. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post every now and then about what I’ve been working on, but I never made time for that. Todays release reminded me of how fast WooCommerce is growing.

We released the Subscriptions and Groups extensions today, enabling WooCommerce to power pretty much all paid membership sites you can think of. With these extensions you can start using recurring transactions and add users to a specific group based on their subscription. Our customers have been asking about this extension for quite some time and releasing this is an important step in becoming the undisputed number one eCommerce solution for WordPress powered websites.

Road to success

In the past few months we have been adding many new features to the WooCommerce core (like the Mijireh integration), but also launched a lot of extensions. Some are small, serving a select group of users, but also big extensions like the Software Add On with API.

We currently have 124 official extensions and 23 WooCommerce themes in our own store, but many more are available via third parties. I’m not saying we cover all payment gateways, or have an extension for all shipping services in the world. But we’re getting there, one extension at a time. The default WooCommerce features already provide a stable base to build your WordPress powered store on. Extensions are simply extending that, making it a perfect fit for your needs.

The WooCommerce plugin has been downloaded close to 200.000 times right now. A great achievement for a plugin which has yet to celebrate its first birthday.

Huge growth of our WooCommerce plugin, working with talented people on the same job and having a great time doing so. Sounds like a cool job, right? It is.

WooThemes is looking for you

The number of people using WooCommerce and other WooThemes products is growing at such an alarming rate, that we’re looking for talented people to join us. You’ll be based anywhere in the world, wherever you like to work. Right now, we are looking for two WordPress developers to join our team:

  • WooThemes Support Technician
    Are you a talented developer who is looking for a job at one of the fastest growing WordPress companies in the world? If you enjoy helping people work with our products and troubleshoot problems, this is the job for you! You can apply via the form at the bottom of the detailed job description.
  • WooCommerce Support Technician
    This position is very similar to the other one, but it has a full focus on the WooCommerce plugin and extensions. We would also like you to communicate the issues in our community and help fixing them with ideas and code. Feel free to apply by sending me an email: coen@woothemes.com and I’ll pass it on.

Hope we can welcome you in our team soon!