My first code in WordPress core

It took me quite a while, mostly because I have been way to busy to keep up with everything that was changing in WordPress core. Yersterday was the big day, my first patch (#17895) got comitted to WordPress core with Changeset 18767.

The first moment I started working on patches, I knew this was a cool thing to do. I actually improved the code of my favorite CMS, which I worked with much every single day. But you are hooked once your first bit of code is accepted in the WordPress core, I can tell now! This really got me started, I am very much willing to contribute more code to the core.

And this patch also shows how the WordPress community is working as a team. My first patch turned out to be pretty good, with the advice of Andrew Nacin. That changed when Jon Cave showed at my little party and he was able – by effectively using the return calls in other functions – to strip the code until it was at the size it is now.

That shows how this thing rolls. Everyone improves the code that’s in WordPress core and the same goes for new code that is planned to go in the core.