Back on the WordPress track

For people that follow me for a while now, this post is not that much of a surprise. I tend to switch from Dutch to English written blogs and back every once in a while. Why switching back to the English language? Simple. It’s hard to position yourself as a Dutch speaking WordPress developer in the English WordPress world without owning your own blog.

So here I am, back on the WordPress track.┬áThere is a lot to be done on this website, but I’m getting there. The minimalistic design helps you (and me!) to keep focused on the content, which is – obviously – the most important.

In the next couple of days, I will be updating my WordPress plugins to be compatible with WordPress 3.0. Some of them have a few minor bugs and it’s time to – finally – squash them.

Next on the list: the release of a new plugin. I’ve been struggling with allowing users to work with a WYSIWYG editor in their widgets. There is simply no plugin out there that does just that. Well, my plugin will change that and offer even more features. I’m not giving away the complete idea, but it is going to be quite handy for websites running WordPress as a CMS.

So stay tuned, follow me via @coenjacobs on Twitter or subscribe to my RSS-feed!