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Find me on Twitter, I’m @CoenJacobs. That is the fastest way to get me.

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You got to this page because you want to give something back in return for my free WordPress plugins out there or when I helped you out with a problem you have been struggling with? That’s great and really appreciated.

Any donation is welcome: Donate via PayPal, even when you just want to buy me a cup of coffee. Donations (and coffee) are what keeps developers going.

In case you want to buy me something pretty, have a look at my Amazon wish list (oh and I love LEGO, so I also have a LEGO wish list)!


Radish Concepts

Radish Concepts

I’m currently working for Radish Concepts as a backend developer. With all sorts of development projects, running Laravel, WordPress, custom work or any other open source platform. Oh yeah and we’re doing this for our own projects, not for clients.


I’ve worked for WooThemes for two years. With Mike and Jay, I’ve been expanding and improving WooCommerce.